Dispute Board Education and Training

Training in the effective implementation and ongoing management of the Dispute Board process is essential to the DRBF's mission. Our programs start with an introductory overview of the origins of the DB process and the business case for their use on a wide variety of projects. Sessions may emphasize contractual best practices for those starting a DB for the first time, and overviews of standard form contracts and institutional rules utilized globally. 

Users benefit from an understanding of how the DB process differs from other forms of dispute resolution, and guidance on how to establish the DB and manage ongoing operations for maximum effectiveness.

Dispute Board members learn not only the relevant procedures, but also ethical considerations and practical steps to enhance dispute avoidance. The role of the DB Chair is covered, and continuing education programs address topics such as effective decision writing, unique challenges presented by alternative delivery models such as Design-Build and Public Private Partnership, and dig in to case study from actual DBs. 

The DRBF training workshops are offered as standardized courses or customized sessions developed for specific projects or programs. Our workshops may include lecture format, interactive exercises, mock hearings, case study analysis, and more, and modules are offered in half-day to multi-day options in-person and online.

The DRBF also has apprenticeship and mentoring programs in certain areas for DRBF members who have completed standard training and are looking for additional experience.

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