Welcome to the Dispute Resolution Board Foundation (DRBF), a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the avoidance and resolution of disputes worldwide using the unique and proven Dispute Board (DB) method.

The DRBF provides assistance with the worldwide application of the Dispute Board method by providing advice and suggestions tailored for the conditions and practices existing in project areas. The rapid spread of the process worldwide has resulted in the process being used on more than $270 billion worth of construction projects, achieving avoidance of numerous disputes and delivering significant savings. The DRBF provides guidance on effective DB implementation tailored for the conditions and practices existing in project areas, as well as training DB practitioners and promoting best practices. All project owners and employers are encouraged to read the DRBF Practices and Procedures, which offers a thorough review of the DB concept. It is written to assist users of the method such as owners, construction managers, architects, engineers, and contractors to employ the process more effectively.

As a member of the DRBF you become part of a fraternity of professionals helping contracting parties utilize the Dispute Board method for better project delivery. It is our mission and purpose to provide critical information on setting up a DB and education professionals on how to achieve the maximum benefits of dispute avoidance as well as timely resolution.

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