Diversity and Inclusion Statement

The DRBF is a multi-cultural organization which supports full and unbiased participation in the Foundation by all members regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, gender, age, or physical abilities.

Fair Representation of Women and Other Underrepresented Groups in the DRBF

The DRBF through its Executive Board shall take the steps reasonably available to ensure that, wherever possible:

  • Committees and conference panels that the DRBF organizes or contributes to include a fair representation of diverse members;
  • Lists of Dispute Board members or chairs the DRBF provides to parties, counsel, in-house counsel or others include a fair representation of diverse candidates;
  • Training sessions and workshops presented by the DRBF include a fair representation of diverse, qualified trainers;
  • Where the DRBF has the opportunity to do so, it shall encourage Dispute Board users and organizations to use reasonable efforts to appoint a fair representation of diverse Dispute Board members; and
  • Senior and experienced Dispute Board practitioners will be actively encouraged to support, mentor/sponsor and encourage diverse DRBF members to pursue Dispute Board appointments and otherwise enhance their profiles and practice.

The regional boards of the DRBF can decide how to best implement these steps consistent with the spirit and intent of the commitment. The DRBF will review progress towards these steps on an annual basis.