DRBF Training Workshop: DBs in MDB Financed Contracts
12 August, 2021 at 10:00 UTC (Check Your Local Time)
Virtual Workshop via Zoom Meeting

Dispute Boards have been embraced by the multilateral development banks (MDB) as a best practice for encouraging dispute avoidance and managing dispute resolution in an efficient and effective manner. Over the years, the MDBs have required DBs for projects they finance over a certain size, delivered training, and partnered with the DRBF and other industry organizations to support the expansion of the DB process. This workshop will cover not only the history, but recent developments on new bank programs and their effect on the Dispute Board’s role. 

This virtual workshop will be held via Zoom Meeting on 12 August at 10:00 UTC (Check Your Local Time) and end at approximately 12:30 UTC. Participants will need to complete a short assessment at the end of the workshop to receive a certificate of completion. 

By the end of the workshop participants will be able to:

  • Understand how MDBs view dispute board function and role in the projects that they finance;
  • Identify and describe the DB as an ADR method, including the type, scope, features;
  • Describe and apply correctly the notions, concepts and institutions used by FIDIC forms of contract in what regards the dispute resolution;
  • Identify the documents that form a Contract concluded by an MDB;
  • Describe and conform correctly to the MDBs requirements regarding the dispute resolution procedure;
  • Identify and correctly apply the requirements for the appointment of DAAB members, constitution and duration of the DAAB;
  • Identify, describe and better observe the DAAB’s rights and obligations, authority and its limits and DAAB’s activities;
  • Identify and correctly apply the provisions regarding the enforcement of DAAB’s decision;
  • Identify the modifications brought by the COPA to the dispute procedure;
  • Apply the correct contractual dispute resolution procedures;
  • Apply better dispute avoidance.

Fees (all fees in US Dollars)

DRBF Members - $165

Non-Members - $200


Kitty Villani Cohen

Cremona Cotovelea