8:45-9:00 Kick off Whistle
Opening of conference; Welcome Address; Introduction to DRBF
Steven Goldstein, President, DRBF Executive Board of Directors
 9:00-9:20 The tough match ahead - Keynote Address
The challenge and opportunities for the construction industry leading up the Brisbane 2032 Olympic Games
Presenter: Scott Smith, CEO of SEQ Council of Mayors

Improving the Game
Panel discussing the strategies to improve the industry and project outcomes, including time and cost, and the role DABs can play.
Moderator: Jennifer McVeigh
Speakers: Jon Davies, CEO, Australian Contractors Association,
Louise Hart, Jim Sloman, 
Jonathan Cartledge, Consult Australia

 10:00-10:30 Gold Medal Winners
The use of DABs for Olympics and Major Events – a case study
Speaker: Ann Russo, DRBF Executive Director
 10:30-11:00 Morning Tea
 11:00-11:20 Why every game needs an on-field ‘Referee’
The value of Dispute Avoidance
Speaker: Ron Finlay
 11:20-11:45 Writing the Rules
Designing and selecting the DAB - a project Owner's experience
Speaker: Paul Coughlan, Head of Infrastructure Development, Brisbane Airport Corporation

On the Field Q&A
Discussion of DAB experiences
Moderator: Steve Abson
Pamela Jack, PamJack Advisory Pte Ltd.
Vince Sanfilippo
Derek Skinner, Director of Consultancy, Geodek Pty Ltd

12:30-13:30 Half-Time Lunch
13:30-13:45 Extra Time
A Dispute Board member's challenging projects
Speaker: Barry Tozer, DRBF Region 3 Treasurer

The importance of soft skills in DBs
Speaker: Alan McLennan, Vice President of DRBF Region 3 Board and Director of Consultancy, Alan McLennan Strategic Services Pty Ltd

14:00-14:45 Coaching to be Match-Fit
Jessica Galliene, Organisational Dynamics
14:45-15:00 Afternoon Tea
15:00-15:45 Preparing for Next Season
Moderator: Kiri Parr, Director, Kiri Parr Consulting
Speakers: Rob Buchanan, Graham Easton, Chris Lock, and Scott Stewart
15:45-15:55 The Match Report
Closing remarks of the day
Speaker: Kiri Parr, Director, Kiri Parr Consulting
15:55-16:00 All hail the 'Champions'
Speaker: Ian McIntyre, President, DRBF Region 3 Board
16:00-17:30 The 19th Hole
Refreshments and Networking