An all-encompassing toolbox housing the latest information on DB practices worldwide.

The DRBF gathers a wide variety of papers, journals, conference presentations, articles, and other publications all written by DB professionals who hold industry ethics and topics in the highest regards. All material submitted is in support of the education and professional development of the DB community. From lessons learned on recent projects, developments in DB procedures, legislative developments, and more the DRBF has created a robust toolbox of resources for you.

DRBF Annual Meeting: 29 June 2020




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DRBF International Conference & Workshop - Jakarta Indonesia January 2020

DRBF Central & Eastern European Conference & Workshops: Tbilisi, Georgia - March 2020

DRBF Northwest Regional Conference: Seattle, USA - June 2019

DRBF Annual Conference & Workshop, Newport Beach, CA USA - October 2019

DRBF Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference: Arlington, VA - June 2019

DRBF Regional Conference: Geneva, Switzerland - November 2018

DRBF 22nd Conference and Workshop: Charlotte, NC USA - October 2018

Dispute Board Workshop and Conference: Yogyakarta, Indonesia - August 2018

DRBF 18th Annual International Conference & Workshop: Tokyo, Japan - May 2018

DRBF Regional Conference: Mexico City, Mexico - April 2018

DRBF Regional Conference: Paris, France - March 2018

DRBF 17th Annual International Conference: Madrid, Spain - May 2017

Dispute Boards International Conference & Workshop: Bali, Indonesia - 2017

DRBF 21st Annual Meeting & Conference - Chicago, IL USA

DRBF Conference - Istanbul 2010

DRBF Regional Conference - Vienna

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DRBF 14th Annual Meeting & Conference

DRBF Bucharest Regional Conference 2010

DRBF Regional Conference and Workshop - Bucharest 2009

DRBF Annual Meeting and Conference 2009

DRBF International Conference 2009

DRBF International Conference 2008

DRBF Annual Meeting and Conference 2007


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