The DRBF has gathered information about the use of Dispute Boards since 1982; data shows the depth and breadth of the process being used worldwide for numerous types of projects of varying size.

Additionally, data on DBs outside North America have in the past been limited due to confidentiality requirements. This is why all data submissions are confirmed directly by the DRBF with participating project parties, to confirm not only authenticity but also that no confidentiality agreements have been severed.

We recognize and acknowledge that data collection is challenging and that we rely on the input of our experienced members and those who use the DB process to expand our immense data library. The DRBF continues to gather information on DBs worldwide; if you have data to submit, please email us.

The Database is provided in Excel format. It includes data collected through April 2017. Data is fairly complete and accurate through 2001, but there are certainly mistakes. The DRBF continues to make the utmost attempts to confirm data directly with project owners and public resources when possible. For assistance with sorting the database, contact the DRBF.