The DRBF Dispute Board Manual is a guide to Best Practices and Procedures. 

The Manual explains the benefits of DBs, describes the procedures for successful implementation and provides guide specifications that can be adapted as necessary. The Manual assists users of the method such as owners/employers, construction managers, architects, engineers, contractors, attorneys, and others in employing the process more effectively. The Member Guide section covers the DRBF code of ethics and best practice guidelines for practitioners.

  • Concepts

    This section provides the foundation for owners considering the use of a DB. It introduces the DB process, explains essential elements, discusses the benefits, and provides general guidance on the use of a DB. Variations are explained and previously raised concerns are addressed. Appendices include a tabulation of DBs, case histories and testimonials.    

  • User Guide

    Describes DB procedures to help owners and contractors employ the process effectively. Selection of impartial Board members is emphasized. Topics include the operation of the DB, referring disputes to the DB, and the hearing process. This section contains guide specifications and the three party agreement, as well as discussion of the various provisions.

  • Member Guide

    Discusses the code of ethics for Board members. Presents guidelines for DB operations including regular meetings, hearings, deliberations, recommendations, and the resignation of members. Being impartial is emphasized. Appendices include the Code of Ethics, Best Practice Guidelines, and samples of forms and recommendations.

  • Multinational Practice

    Outlines the growth of multinational Dispute Boards and sets out the provisions in use by The World Bank and other development banks, and those recommended by the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC) and the International Chamber of Commerce. Provisions include recommended procedural rules and forms of agreement for engaging Board members, as well as commentary on these clauses, rules, and forms.

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