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WELCOME to the resource area for users of Dispute Resolution Boards. The DRBF recommends that all users read the DRBF Practices and Procedures manual, which offers a through review of the DRB concept. It is written to assist users of the method such as owners, construction managers, architects, engineers and contractors to employ the process more effectively.

This section also offers the Member Resume Database, a useful tool for identifying potential DRB candidates who have completed professional DRBF training. Foundation members or those interested in learning more about the process are also encouraged to attend a DRBF Training Course, and participate in one of our upcoming meetings or conferences, which are held at the local, national and international level.

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Partial List of
DRB Users:

California Dept. of Transportation
Central Contra Costa Co. Sanitary Dist.
Channel Tunnel Rail Link, UK
City and County of Copenhagen
City of Atlanta, Georgia
City of Columbus, Ohio
Colorado DOT
Dallas Area Rapid Transit
Electricity Corp. of New Zealand
Eurotunnel, UK - France
Florida DOT
Greater Orlando Airport Authority
Greater Vancouver Regional District
Hong Kong Airport Authority
International Monetary Fund
Los Angeles Co. Metro Transit Auth.
Lesotho Highlands Development Auth.
Massachusetts Highway Dept.
Port of Seattle
Sacramento Regional Co. San. Dist.
Toronto Transit Commission
United States Bureau of Reclamation
University of Washington
Virginia DOT
Washington DOT
Washington Metro Area Transit Auth.
The World Bank