How to Become a DRBF Supporter Through Corporate Sponsorship

The Dispute Resolution Board Foundation (DRBF) is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the speedy and economical resolution of disputes between parties to contracts.  While the Dispute Resolution Board (DRB) method originated in the construction industry, the unique advantages of the technique has wide application in any situation where parties engage in a contractual relationship.  This is especially true for contracts of a complex nature, or where work is to be fulfilled over a considerable period of time.

The DRBF promotes the method by teaching workshops and hosting regional and international conferences, as well as by publishing a quarterly journal entitled The Forum,  and sharing resources through a website.

Sponsorship opportunities are available for professional organizations wishing to support the Foundation’s efforts.  Corporate sponsorships are encouraged as an appropriate means of reinforcing the dissemination of the DRB message as widely as possible within business and governmental communities.

All funds received through this channel will be used exclusively for promoting the use of the DRB method of dispute resolution.  Sponsoring organizations will be given appropriate recognition, including, but not limited to:

  • Notices in DRBF publications and on the website
  • Sponsorship at DRBF conferences and meetings
  • Physical presence on site and/or literature included in conference materials

Corporate sponsorships, endowments and bequests are supervised by a DRBF past president and may be discussed in strict confidence by contacting the Foundation office.

As a non-profit corporation, the Foundation meets all Internal Revenue Service criteria for tax-exempt donations, dues, and contributions.